God’s Storybook
By Dawn Lynn Towers

You held me in your arms today
My head rested upon your chest
As your tears fell, I slipped away
Into final rest

Angels came and clutched me tight
As to Heaven we would go
Ever toward the brightest light
From “The Golden Gate” it glowed

A home was waiting there for me
It looked just like my own
Beside the hearth my blanket lay
And next to it my bone

I looked around and there was not
A thing forgotten there
Except for you, and frantically
I looked everywhere

God put his gentle hand so warm
Upon my troubled head
Angels with their smiles so sweet
Lay me upon my bed

Between my favourite toy and bone
A storybook with pictures perched
The angels turned each page in time
For you I need not search

All my life was in the book
Each hug and kiss you gave
Each word of love you ever spoke
Was on each precious page

God said to me to rest awhile
Beside the hearth of home
With my special storybook
I’d never be alone

When the pictures faded dull
And the pages torn
The angels would add a log to the fire
To make it extra warm

Through the door you’d come to me
The book would disappear
You’d pick me up and hug me tight
I’d kiss away your tear

To the hearth we’d go and sit
In your favourite chair
Beside your feet I’d settle in
As Angels came to care

Upon your lap they’d lay a book
And turn each page in time
I’d close my eyes to rest awhile
Because I knew now you’d be fine…


Walter Mason
May 26/10 – Jan 16/77

Jan 1/69 – Mar 16/78
My dad and my first dog


Oct 12/01 – May 11/04
Anna was a one of a kind girl and will never be replaced. We miss you beautiful girl! Look after sweet Bosco at the bridge.


Masonridge’s Bosco
May 29/03 – Aug/03
Remember to always remove your puppy’s collar when you put him in his crate. Also, never leave anything close enough to the crate that the puppy could pull into the crate. Bosco managed to pull the strap of his owner’s purse into his crate and strangle himself – a very unfortunate accident!


Charlie Chaplin
May/91 – Aug 16/04
Charlie was our sugarcat – he had insulin dependent diabetes for the last 4 years of his life. Charlie never complained about the constant jabs to his ears and twice daily injections. Rest in peace, dear boy.


Spring/92 – Apr 22/05
Your heart beats strong now dear boy, play forever with Charlie.


Lindenhall’s Stay At Home “Hazel”
Feb 19/05 – Aug 25/05
Hazel stayed with us for several weeks playing with Emma. She will be deeply missed by Peggy and Wayne Donovan, Alice and everyone here at Masonridge.


Can. Ch. Kulta’s All Star “Mario”
Oct 2/99 – Jun 9/07


Gorsebrook Beta at Creekside AKA Beta AKA Toad
May 11/96 – Feb 17/10
A kind, gentle and unassuming old soul.


Jimannie Loving Holly “Rory”
Nov 4/02 – Jun 23/10


Jimannie Enough of That “Brooke”
Apr 10/00 – Nov 7/11