We are a small hobby kennel located just east of Mallorytown, Ontario.  Our dogs are first and foremost members of our family.  All our dogs take turns living inside, sharing every room, including bedrooms, with us.  When the dogs are in the kennel, they enjoy a wood stove for heat in the winter months and air-conditioning in the summer months.

Our first priority is temperament.  Since the majority of our puppies go to live as family pets, they must have the typical happy-go-lucky temperament that gives Labrador Retrievers their reputation as wonderful family pets. Hips and elbows are certified clear of dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFFA).  Our dogs hearts are certified clear of genetic disease by a board certified cardiologist.  Eyes are examined annually and certified clear of genetic disease by a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist.  Our Labrador Retrievers are tested for prcd PRA, RD/OSD, CNM, EIC and HNPK.

We are active in conformation competition.  Our dogs have earned Canadian Championships and some have earned Junior Hunter, Working Certificate, Rally Obedience and Dock Diving titles in the past.

Masonridge puppies have gone to the Lions Foundation Guide Dog Program, Autism Service Dogs, Ability Dogs Canada and have successfully been placed with families.

Our puppies are always born inside our home, usually in our family room.  The pups remain inside our home until they are ready to leave for their new homes at 8 weeks of age.  Our pups are used to all the normal activity of a household, other dogs milling around and cats. All our puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered and are sold on non-breeding agreements.  We stand behind our puppies for their entire lives and our puppies can be returned to us at any time during their life if the adoptive family is no longer able to care for them.

Our contract is available on this website.  We highly recommend reading it before inquiring about a Masonridge puppy.  Just as you, the prospective family expects us to honour our contract, we also expect you to honour it.

The cost of a Masonridge puppy is $2500.00 + HST.  Yes, you can get less expensive puppies from newspaper and other online ads.  Most reputable breeders are asking $2500 and up for well bred puppies from health tested parents.  Most breeders are also more than willing to provide references, both from families who have never had a problem and from those who have had something go wrong.  Be cautious of any breeder who tells you they have never produced a puppy with a problem – puppies are living beings and things can happen.

We do accept personal cheques for reservation fees but final payment must be in cash.

The purchase price is the cheapest part of having a dog.  Like kids, there can be all manner of minor boo-boos all the way to fatal diseases and crippling health problems.  When you buy a puppy even from the most respected breeders, you are taking on the risks that come with all living beings.  As responsible breeders, we have taken advantage of what modern diagnostics tools are readily available ~ x-ray certification of the hips and elbows, Ophthalmologist testing, DNA testing, studying of pedigrees, etc.  In spite of all this there will always be a chance of a problem.  We have no crystal balls that allow us to see which puppies will be affected so in spite of all our careful screening health issues will occasionally occur.  It is strongly recommended that you have pet health insurance for at least the first two years.  Also do some research to find a good veterinarian and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.